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Learn The 5 Crucial Steps to Building a 
6-Figure Staging Company
By Shay Kent
What You'll Learn In This Free Master Class...
  • The 5 Crucial steps you MUST be taking in your Marketing
  • ​How To Be Radically Different From Your Competition
  • ​6 Fatal Flaws That Home Stagers Are Making That Keep Them Broke
  • ​A Simple Plan To Turn Cold Traffic Into High-Paying Premium Clients
  • ​How YOU Can Do This So You Can Have Financial Freedom 
The 5 shortcuts my clients are using to get 5-10 additional staging jobs every month
Stand head and shoulder's above your competition and be to go-to stager in your market in as little time as 10 minutes a day
And 5 cutting-edge shortcuts savvy Stagers are are using to RISE to the top and give up the feast or famine cycle FOREVER
A 5-Step Plan that anyone can do!

Commanding premium pricing for their staging, even if they are brand new!

This system is so powerful, that those we work with must come from a place of integrity and genuine desire to help home owners make the biggest bang on their sale.
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